How clear is your strategy?

Most organisations struggle with setting clear strategy, aligning across silos then executing that strategy.

Today more than ever we need leaders who can tackle these challenges with transformational leadership, situational awareness, sophisticated change management and powerful governance and execution frameworks.

Freshwater Academy

Strategic Thinking for Leaders

Freshwater Academy is a remote-first learning platform for leaders seeking mastery in the strategy, leadership and execution domains. Learn from experienced practitioners in live online classes or self-study at your own pace.

The academy will offer a uniquely comprehensive curriculum in topics from strategy to execution.

A complete learning environment

  • Skills for the Digital Leader

    OKRs, Wardley Mapping, 4DX, Design Thinking, Portfolio Kanban, Operating Model Design and Lean Change Management

  • Premium Training

    Real subject matter experts. Bite sized workshops. Flipped classrooms. Post training implementation support.

  • Engaging Learning Experience

    Remote-first delivery. Video library of all sessions. Flexible scheduling. Learning communities. Digital collaboration tools.

Design your own learning journey

Meet our instructors

Founder | Melbourne Australia

Ben Hogan

Ben is the founder of Freshwater Academy and an expert practitioner and trainer.

Ben teaches Agile, OKRs, Wardley Maps, Product Discovery, Design Thinking, Kanban, and Actionable Performance Metrics.

For more info connect with him on linked-in: and follow him on Twitter: @agileben

Business coach

Christine Lemmich

Christine is the founder of Empower Change, co-founder of Freshwater Academy. She gets entrepreneurs and small businesses feeling productive, focused and proud of their achievements through coaching, teaching and facilitation. You can follow her on Instagram @christinelemmich

OKR & Product Coach and Trainer | Berlin Germany

Adi Nisal

Adi Nisal is a startup founder/CPO and a veteran of introducing OKRs at Scale.

Adi worked with Ben to introduce OKRs at a large publicly listed organisation in Berlin. Since then, Adi has been helping individuals and organizations with OKRs, Customer and Product Discovery, Go-to market strategy and Product Operations. He specialises in marketplaces and startups.

For more info connect with him on linked-in: