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A terrific experience.

David Bolton, CTO, Domain Group

Working with Ben as an OKR coach, training our organisation from the executive and onwards, was a terrific experience. Ben received overwhelmingly positive feedback from all over our company, with over 250 people trained with Ben's Freshwater Academy train-the-trainer program. While we are early in our organisation wide OKR journey, it's clear that with Ben's expert help we have already avoided many potholes and built some enviable momentum and excitement about the focus and alignment that OKRs are bringing to our direction. Thanks Ben!

Highly engaging

Jutta Horstmann, COO, eyeo

As we just start into the adoption of OKRs in our company, this training provides the right mix of getting the basics covered while providing enough room to engage with the content and apply it to your real-world scenarios. I recommend it to everybody who wants to start into applying OKRs in their team(s) or company. It is highly motivating and engaging.

Fantastic for corporate strategists

Brad Quirk, Quirk Consulting

This course is fantastic for both corporate strategists and OKR practitioners alike to build your knowledge about how to create, implement and embed an outcome-aligned organisational structure in scaled large-scale corporate environments. I've definitely walked away with a renewed perspective on the do's (and don'ts) of OKR building, and have a much larger toolkit to hold informed conversations in this field.

Success and failure stories

Simonetta Batteiger, VP Growth, eyeo GmbH

Loved to hear relevant success and failure stories from rolling out OKRs, Ben has been easy to relate to, engaging and clearly happy to share what works and what he has seen not work. He's passionate about sharing this with other people and I look forward to working with him as an OKR consultant in the coming weeks.
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Founder | Melbourne Australia

Ben Hogan

Ben is the founder of Freshwater Academy and an expert practitioner and trainer.

Ben teaches Product and Tech Strategy, OKRs, Wardley Mapping, Product Discovery, Lean, Agile and Kanban.

For more info connect with him on linked-in: and follow him on Twitter: @agileben