Learn Modern Product Discovery

Continuous, Customer-Centric and Outcome-Oriented

Move beyond one-off discovery and project based research. Learn how to adopt a continuous product discovery approach. Identify powerful opportunities in your market. Learn how to quickly test assumptions. Adopt a discovery process that allows you to build deep customer empathy in your product, tech and design leaders.

Based on the groundbreaking work of Teresa Torres and her book: Continuous Discovery Habits
Summary of the book

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Product Discovery

    • Product Discovery

    • Design Thinking

    • Design Sprints

    • Continuous Discovery

  • 2

    Defining Outcomes

    • Setting the Vision

    • Defining your Business Outcomes

    • Defining your Product Outcomes

    • OKRs

  • 3

    Organising around Outcomes

    • Product Trios

    • Product Teams

    • Technical Landscape

    • Team Topologies

  • 4

    Mapping the Customer Journey

    • Customer Experience Map

    • Empathy Mapping

  • 5

    Continuous Interviewing

    • Automate Recruiting

    • Interview Techniques

  • 6

    Opportunity Space

    • Identifying Opportunities

    • Opportunity Solutions Tree

    • Prioritising Opportunities

  • 7

    Solution Space

    • Solution Ideation

    • Story Mapping

    • Identifying Assumptions

    • Assumption Mapping

  • 8

    Assumption Testing

    • Testing Assumptions

    • Unmoderated User Testing

    • One-question Surveys

    • Data Analysis

  • 9

    Measuring Impact

    • Measuring Impact

    • Discovery Review

    • Managing Discovery Iterations


Founder | Melbourne Australia

Ben Hogan

Ben is the founder of Freshwater Academy and an expert practitioner and trainer.

Ben teaches Product and Tech Strategy, OKRs, Wardley Mapping, Product Discovery, Lean, Agile and Kanban.

For more info connect with him on linked-in: www.linkedin.com/in/agileben/ and follow him on Twitter: @agileben

Business coach

Christine Lemmich

Christine is the founder of Empower Change, co-founder of Freshwater Academy. She gets entrepreneurs and small businesses feeling productive, focused and proud of their achievements through coaching, teaching and facilitation. You can follow her on Instagram @christinelemmich