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One of the best trainings I've attended

Silke Noll, Accredited Kanban Trainer

One of the best trainings I've attended. I can highly recommend it to anyone who likes to learn more about OKRs. I was extremely impressed by the structure and the way the training was presented, and most importantly the very practical learnings, designed to be able to adapt them at work literally on the next day.

Highly recommend

Vicki Young, Partner Change Management Practice

Loved the Freshwater Academy's Leading Change with OKRs & 4DX course. I can highly recommend it to those leading change and I have many takeaways I will use in my change practice straight away. The use of real life examples and exercises throughout serve to deepen the understanding of the concepts and how they can be practically applied.

Fun and highly informative

Daamon Parker, Agile Coach

A fun and highly informative deep dive into OKRs and first time hearing about 4DX. Definitely had my horizons broadened. Thank you Ben and Christine - well prepared, well thought out and feedback well received. I recommend this as a great intro and grounding for OKRs.

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Founder | Melbourne Australia

Ben Hogan

Ben is the founder of Freshwater Academy and an expert practitioner and trainer.

Ben teaches Product and Tech Strategy, OKRs, Wardley Mapping, Product Discovery, Lean, Agile and Kanban.

For more info connect with him on linked-in: and follow him on Twitter: @agileben